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15 Clever Ways To Spy On Your Wedding Competition

Over the past 8 years, I’ve pretty much used every single SEO tool out there for finding out more information about my competitors.

Knowing your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, traffic trends and online strategies allows you to take advantage of opportunities that could make a difference between having a successful wedding business and having a massively successful wedding business. A little bit of due diligence goes a long way.

Below are 15 of my favorite competitive intelligence websites that all wedding business owners should be familiar with.


BuiltWith is a powerful, free online tool that allows you to see all the technical aspects of your competitor’s website.

Find out what kind of blogging platform they are using, hosting provider and other technical profile information. I like using this tool to see what kind of plugins and widgets my competitors are using on their website. Free to use and highly recommended.

WeddingWire Reviews

Whenever I put together a competitor analysis for my clients, I try to find out as much about their competition as possible. One resource that has been really useful for that has been the vendor reviews on WeddingWire.

By going through their customer reviews, I can often uncover what people love about them, what they don’t and what local areas they service. I also make it a point to see what other wedding vendors in their local area have given them endorsements, so I can provide that list to my clients to see if they can get the same.


I tend to use SpyFu to uncover keywords that my competitors are targeting within their paid search campaigns (AdWords).

This online tool is free to use, but you may want to consider upgrading to their premium packages to unlock a TON of extra data and metrics. Most SEO agencies use SpyFu to see the ad copy being used by competitors and trend their organic search visibility.


SEMrush allows you to easily find all the keywords for which any existing web page on the Internet is ranking. An effective way to uncover keyword rankings for specific blog posts or landing pages on your competitor’s website.

Simply type in your competitor’s URL and a wealth of data will be at your fingertips.


Great tool for keeping tabs on what types of content are being published and gaining traction within your niche.

Once you type in your competitor’s URL, you’ll get a list of their blog posts that have received the most shares or social engagement.


To be honest, Ahrefs has become my go-to tool for any sort of comprehensive SEO analysis and intelligence gathering.

I could go on and on about all the valuable information you can get from Ahrefs, but it would probably be easier for you to just hop on over to their website and try it out for yourself. One of my favorite SEO tools, period.

Open Site Explorer

This is what I use to find the page score and domain authority of all keyword competitors.

This free tool belongs to the Moz suite of SEO resources and has been a favorite.


This was one of the first online tools I used to get a snapshot on how powerful a website is. Alexa ranks every single website on the internet with a score and updates their information on a regular basis.


This website is super useful for seeing a timeline history of all the tweets my competitors have ever published online.

I usually go back a few years to see what they were tweeting about and use that information to create tweets that resonate with today’s audience.


If you need basic competitor intelligence on any of your competitors, SimilarWeb is what you’re looking for. See traffic sources, referring domains, social stats and much much more.


Great suite of tools if you’re interested in discovering virtually EVERY back link your competitor’s website has.

I use this tool to help build a huge list of back link targets that I might be able to recreate for many of my clients.


Use this tool to find out other domains your competitors are affiliated with or utilizing to help with their SEO efforts. SpyOnWeb takes information from public sources, then structures it for to show websites that probably belong to the same owner.

Completely free to use.

How Many Shares

A simple way to see social media engagement on any of your keyword competitors. No frills information in an instant.

This tool gives the total number of shares, likes, tweets, stumbles and LinkedIn mentions for any URL you type in.

SEO Audit Tool

You’d be surprised just how many weaknesses and strengths you can find about your competitors using our free SEO audit tool. Get a side-by-side comparison of where their website SEO is stronger than yours and they keywords they are targeting. You’ll even get a checklist of all your areas you could improve.

Completely free to use.

Google Alerts

I’ve tried to use other notification tools to keep current on what my competitors are doing online, but none stack up to Google Alerts. This resource is probably one of Google’s most under-utilized tools, but it’s also one of the most powerful.

All you have to do is type in your competitor’s name in the search query field and choose whether you want all results or just the high quality mentions delivered directly to your inbox.

If you know of other good tools or resources, please share with us in the comments.



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