40 Fool proof blog ideas for any wedding business

33 Foolproof Blog Post Ideas for Any Wedding Business

Business blogging is on the rise.

Quick question: How many blog posts have you published over the past 6 weeks? 

If you’re anything like most wedding professionals we speak to, that number is probably lower than you’d like it to be.


A majority of wedding business owners know that it is important to have a blog, but most have no idea what to blog about.


Having a blog gives your company a voice.

It also allows you to showcase your personality and expertise in a way that genuinely resonates with potential customers.

Below are 33 blog post ideas to help you get unstuck or re-motivated to commit to publishing at least one new post to your company blog within the next week.

Having a content strategy is more important than ever, so make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and have these at your fingertips whenever you need them!

  • Emerging wedding trends you are seeing within your client base
  • Review a product or service that you utilize for your job
  • Write something seasonal
  • Interview someone
  • Host a Giveaway
  • Write a post in response to some recent post/news
  • Showcase some of your work
  • Write a longer “About Me” post
  • Create a beginner’s guide to something
  • Share latest bridal industry statistics or data
  • Make a post about your most popular posts
  • Day in the life
  • Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche
  • Event review
  • Answer a recent comment you’ve received in length
  • Favorite quotes
  • Wedding myths de-bunked
  • Publish a questions and answers blog post
  • Explain what NOT to do in your niche
  • Create a video post
  • Create a helpful checklist for potential clients
  • Current news in your industry
  • Why you started your wedding business
  • Write a thank you note to your readers
  • Publish a guest post
  • Reveal a hack or shortcut
  • Go behind the scenes
  • Things I wish I knew before
  • Wedding trend prediction post
  • Compare something
  • Create a wedding infographic
  • Weekly/monthly roundup
  • Sneak peek or teaser

Another recommendation I have is to create some sort of blogging calendar that you can follow on a regular basis. This can truly make a world of difference in the way you blog and market your website.

Here are a few articles I found helpful when creating mine:

Good luck and get to blogging!




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    Rudy – yet another amazing article! Thank You

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