9 Reasons You Should Stop Managing
Your SEO and Hire a Pro

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been an important strategy for business success, and it’s becoming more relevant in today's wedding industry. More small business owners are investing in SEO and utilizing professional SEO services to help them rank better and find more clients online.

SEO can bring a lot of value, so whether you should be managing it yourself is worth some thought. Here are seven compelling reasons you may want to hire a pro, instead of trying to commit to the time and effort it requires to run a successful SEO campaign in today's competitive wedding industry.

1. SEO is not easy.

Over the past few years, SEO has become more technical, comprehensive and code-oriented. Being able to work confidently with website source code and HTML is now a basic prerequisite for implementing most SEO improvements. If editing and testing website code is something you are not too familiar with, you may want to rely on the skills and strategies of a proven professional SEO to help and assist. We understand technical SEO and use this knowledge to improve our client websites beyond that of their competitors.

2. Google is always changing the rules.

Did you know that Google uses over 200+ ranking factors in their ranking algorithm? And did you know that each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times? As a full-time wedding pro, you likely don’t have the time or resources to identify, understand and optimize for every change Google makes. It's an SEO pro’s job to pay attention to algorithm changes and how they affect search engine results pages. True experts understand how to monitor for under-the-radar updates as well.

3. SEO mistakes can hurt you business.

Not all SEO is good SEO. Some tactics actually can hurt your rankings in search, or worse, get you penalized. An SEO pro knows how to avoid many of these SEO pitfalls and fix any implementation mistakes you've already made.

4. We have the right tools.

Resources abound to help you develop an effective SEO campaign. But you’re a busy wedding pro, so you might not even know about some of them. Others cost more money than your budget allows. Advanced analytics programs offer features that Google Analytics can’t provide. Premium keyword research tools provide greater context and extra insights into keyword relevance, competition, search volume and more. A professional SEO expert invests in the most important software to improve your SEO. On top of that, we know the best application for every tool.

5. We offer robust analytics.

SEO software helps you see the nuances of your efforts. It identifies which keywords and placement strategies are driving results and which aren’t. This information is invaluable because it allows you to tweak your SEO efforts for maximum impact on your specific audience. But SEO software can be complicated. Seeing your analytics doesn’t mean you’ll have a clear picture of what it means for your SEO or how you can fix it. SEO professionals understand the relationships among your key performance indicators. We use that knowledge to tease out a strategy that effectively impacts your rankings and improves organic visibility for your website.

6. We keep track of your competitors.

Competitor analysis is a big part of getting the most from your overall SEO efforts. A professional can identify the best strategies to set you apart from your competition. Even better, an SEO expert with experience in your field will know what has and hasn’t worked for similar businesses. These insights can inform other aspects of your business efforts. Suddenly, your SEO professional is an integral part of helping create a unique selling proposition, decide which audiences to target, brainstorming content topics and more.

7. We understand the wedding industry

Every single one of our clients is a wedding professional wanting to improve their website rankings. We exclusively serve the bridal industry and have built relationships and proven strategies that are customized for wedding related businesses.

8. We are transparent.

We pride ourselves in being honest and fully transparent with the SEO work being done for any of our clients. Each month you will receive a monthly status/progress report and consistent communication throughout your SEO campaign. We feel a genuine partnership with each wedding business we work with and provide reliable support throughout.

9. There’s serious ROI potential.

SEO offers a unique opportunity for return on investment (ROI). Unlike any other kind of offline or online advertising, SEO targets people who are specifically looking for the products and services you offer. Traditional advertisements -- and even pay-per-click models (PPC) -- can require a significant financial investment to be worthwhile. Professional SEO services, on the other hand, can be quite affordable. And they can deliver results that continue boosting your bottom line down the road. Hire a pro who knows how to do SEO the right way and take advantage of more dividends than with any other marketing strategy.


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