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50 Ways To Drive More Wedding Traffic To Your Website

A Beginner’s Guide

Most wedding business owners I speak to tell me that one of the biggest challenges they have is trying to generate online wedding traffic back to their website. When I ask them what they are doing to promote their content, it surprises me that a vast majority don’t even know where to begin. Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place. Below are 50 proven strategies that can be used to increase your website traffic and boost your overall SEO. I sent this exact list to all of our SEO clients last month and got a lot of positive feedback. Today I’m sharing it with all of our readers. Feel free to bookmark this webpage so you can come back anytime and try each one out.

Cross-Interviews–  Reach out to other wedding pros and ask them if they would like to trade interviews, which can then be published on each other’s blogs. I like this method because it allows you to get your business in front of a brand new audience very quickly while featuring yourself as an authority expert in your specific niche or service.

Wedding Directories – Submit your business to authoritative, niche wedding directories to build relevant brand signals and boost SEO. Stay away from mass-submissions or adding your bridal business to non-wedding directories.

YouTube Videos – Create short wedding videos (how-to, trend news, etc.) and publish to YouTube. Make sure to include a clickable link back to your website in your video description.

Guest Blog Posts – Reach out to other wedding pros in your area and ask if they accept guest blog posts from other bloggers. It benefits them because it adds fresh content to their website and it benefits you by being able to gain a link back to your website.

Profile Links – Pretty much every single social network on the internet (like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) allow you to add a link to your website within your user profile. These profile links are brand signals and optimal for SEO. Take advantage of these profile areas and make sure yours is completely filled out.

AllTop – AllTop is a modern-day directory that curates lists of quality blogs in almost any industry imaginable. If your website has a blog, submit it to their wedding category for inclusion and a bit of consistent traffic.

Forum Links – Most forums allow active participants to include a link back to their website in the signature or profile area. A simple way to promote your brand while offering sound advice to newly engaged couples.

Research Competitors – Use a tool like AHREFS to uncover the backlinks of your competitors and see if there are any opportunities that you could gain for your own website.

Blog Comments – Writing sincere, well-thought out comments on popular wedding blogs is a simple way to get backlinks from other wedding websites. Visit Top 100 Wedding Blogs to see a list of popular wedding blogs you should know about and could immediately begin engaging with. Don’t be spammy.

Internal Links – Keep readers on your website longer by adding internal links to other content within your site. This allows more interaction from your readers while helping Google crawl and understand your website content better.

Press Releases – Lots of wedding business owners find that publishing a simple press release is super effective at gaining back links to their website in a short amount of time. Once published, your press release will automatically be picked up by media outlets (including local ones), and you’ll gain a back link from most of them. This is not a free strategy, but has definitely proven to be worth the expense. Check out PRNewswire or PRWeb to get started.

WeddingWire – WeddingWire allows wedding pros to register their business for free within in their directory and add a profile link back to their website.  An easy way to increase the chances of getting found by their huge bridal audience.

Podcasts – As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, savvy wedding businesses are beginning to take advantage of this and enjoy steady traffic from this untapped audience.

Infographics – Create a great visual infographic and submit it to media directories such as Infographics Archive or Infographics Showcase.

Contests/Giveaways – Giving something away is always an effective way to increase your social media followers and drive a bit of traffic to your website. Try to have one of these at least once a year to show your readers some appreciation.

Newsjacking – Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating tons of media coverage and social media engagement. A well-timed blog post on a trending topic can go viral if done properly.

Link Round-ups – Curate a collection of your favorite blog posts and create a link love post. Once published, notify the chosen contributors that they’ve been mentioned. Great for networking.

Product Comparisons – Compare various wedding products and post your findings to your website. Lots of online traffic can be gained for these non-competitive wedding comparison keywords.

Yelp – Protect your brand name by registering it on Yelp for free. Yelp listings often rank well in Google search results and can be a solid traffic referrer.

Write Product Reviews – If you use a certain item or product on a regular basis to support your business, a positive review or testimonial posted to your blog will often also be promoted by the company receiving the review.

BBB – Joining the Better Business Bureau or other local community chapters helps boost your credibility and drive traffic from brides searching reviews or reputation of your business.

Webinars – Webinars help to drive a deeper connection with existing and potential customers. Share what you know and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will become a trusted authority in your industry.

LinkedIn – Besides being a solid brand signal for your business, LinkedIn allows users to  share content and build connections within your specific wedding community. Check out the wedding associations and local meetup groups.

Paid Marketing – A growing number of wedding professionals are beginning to utilize online ads or paid results (such as Adwords) to promote their business to a huge audience quickly and effectively. Google has some great beginner support if you want more details.

Slideshare – Turn your most popular content into a slideshow and submit to Slideshare. Re-purposing your old content to find a new audience should always be top of mind.

Seasonal Content – Look into your traffic analytics and identify what blog posts or articles did well at this same time last year.  Use that information as an opportunity to create new topical content, or refresh an existing article.

Article Directories – Used properly, you can actually gain a consistent amount of relevant traffic to your website every month from article directories. Make sure to manually write and upload your content to these directories. Stay away from automated submission services or other aggressive linkbuilding strategies.

Microsites – Microsites are efficient and engaging ways to connect with potential clients and to wow your current audience. They are also perfect for allowing you to take some risks or to experiment with a new campaign idea. These have become a lot more popular in the wedding niche in the past year or so.

Link Reclamation – Link reclamation is the process of reclaiming equity from broken links that exist on other websites.  You either contact those webmasters and ask for them to fix it, or you will need to redirect it (301) to your new target content.

Stumbleupon – If more wedding professionals knew about the untapped traffic potential they could get from submitting content to Stumbleupon, everyone would be doing it! Many of our SEO clients have found success here, especially with infographics.

Install Related-Content Plugin – If your website is running on WordPress, check out related content plugins such as YARRP or WRP to keep visitors on your website longer by serving up similar content topics directly below each blog post.

Event Recaps – Attend local wedding industry events and jot down anything noteworthy that could be shared on your blog. Don’t forget to take a few photos and possibly add in a few quotes or insights from other attendees.

How-To Tutorials – Use your expertise to teach a skill or DIY project that your target audience may enjoy. Share on all your social media accounts and promote yourself as a expert. This method can be as simple as sharing a series of progress photos, to as comprehensive as a full DIY video.

Start A Facebook Group – Creating a Facebook Group for your specific niche or wedding service instantly promotes you as a authoritative figure that wants to build a community of like-minded individuals. If there is already one for your area, join that one and see if you can contribute.

Social Bookmarks – Reddit, Pinterest, Delicious, Digg, and StumbleUpon are some of the well- known and top most social bookmarking websites for wedding marketers. Create a profile at each one and manually submit your content or images for more traffic driving opportunities.

Write Better Headlines – You can gain a significant increase in online traffic to your website just by writing better, more enticing headlines for your blog content. This article from Social Media Examiner is super helpful for beginners.

Google Alerts – If someone mentions your name, your business name, or your website online, then you’ll likely want them to link to you too. Google Alerts makes it easy to keep track of your mentions via email or RSS.

Focus On Long-Tail Keywords – Use a tool like KWFinder to create a list of 3-4 word search phrases that receive monthly traffic, but are not being targeted by other local competitors.  Write a blog post or curate some sort of content to easily rank for these non-competitive search phrases.

QA Blog Posts – Put together a few answers to some common client questions and post your answers as individual, detailed blog posts. If you know clients are consistently searching for the answers to these questions, it makes sense to have something ready that you can rank for and gain very targeted traffic.

Conference Sponsor – Local bridal fairs and wedding conventions are always looking for local wedding vendors to feature as a sponsor. While this does have some cost investment, the measurable publicity both online and offline can be quite surprising.

HARO – Help A Reporter Out is an online resource connecting journalists with relevant expert sources. Make sure you are signed up to be notified when a reporter is looking to quote a wedding professional for a news article. Great for gaining authoritative back links.

Improve Your Organic Rankings – Ranking well in search engines such as Google and Bing is the most cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website. No other type of advertising can deliver such an instant impact to revenue. If you’re ready to start ranking for wedding keywords, but don’t want to break the bank, check out our SEO Launch Plan.

Email Signatures – Every email you send should include information about your business and a link to your website. Building and promoting your brand should be happening on a daily basis.

Newsletter – Give visitors on your website the option of signing up for a newsletter or being updated by email each time you publish a new blog post. Over time, you’ll build a relationship with your subscribers that you’ll see being a growing traffic source year over year.

Write A Response Post – If there is something trending or noteworthy happening in the wedding industry, writing a response blog post from your perspective can be a viral method of gaining topical traffic.

Pinterest – Today’s planning brides continue to use Pinterest for creating their wedding inspiration boards, so make sure you are participating and utilizing this resource as a consistent traffic driver to your website.

Give Away An ebook – Curate helpful information and offer it to your website visitors as a free digital download. This is the fastest, most effective way to build your email list for a relevant audience.

Advertise on Wedding Blogs – Local wedding blogs in your city are usually a cost-effective way to promote your wedding business to local planning brides and grooms. Try offering a limited-time discount or a special promotion in your advertisement to boost traffic even more.

Outbound Emails – If you’ve produced awesome, epic content that you feel should be seen by everyone in your industry, don’t be afraid to email highly-influential users and brands to ask for promotion to their audience.

Add Sharing Buttons – Include share icons at the beginning or end of each article so that when readers have finished reading the article, they can easily share it if they liked it. Check out AddThis for an easy way to add social icons to your website.

Pay Attention To Up-and-Coming Social Networks – Many wedding pros stay ahead of the curve by becoming familiar with the latest social networks that launch and establishing an early presence. Product Hunt is a neat way to stay up-to-date on everything new.





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