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SEO for Wedding DJs – Keyword Basics

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If you own a wedding DJ business, you’ve undoubtedly seen the dramatic increase in SEO competition and overall explosion of growth from online competitors over the past year or so.

DJ keywords that were once easy to rank for have become way more competitive and harder to gain visibility for, with no end in sight.

This exact same thing happened about three years ago to the wedding photography world, and also to the wedding planning niche. Ask any professional in those industries and they’ll say both are now ultra-competitive with only the strong (SEO) surviving.

That exact same trend for the wedding DJ space is taking place and I think it’s safe to assume that 2017 will be a defining year for wedding DJs and online marketing.

Exciting, but scary. Don’t panic.

To help you establish your wedding DJ business as a major SEO competitor in 2017, I’ve put together a list of 29 keyword phrases that have been proven to drive traffic and help wedding DJs find more customers online.

Our SEO agency currently has 9 wedding DJs on our roster, and I reached out to each one individually to ask permission before for sharing this data on our blog, since most of it came from their traffic analytics. Thankfully each one was more than glad to allow us to do so and even offered to help if needed. Our clients are the best!

With that being said, let’s move right into the keywords that every wedding DJ should consider targeting and trying to rank for in 2017 and beyond.

Popular Wedding DJ Keywords

As mentioned above, each of the following keywords is currently driving consistent, relevant and qualified traffic to each of our wedding DJ clients. Best part about it… most of these have low to no strong competition at all!

‌• Wedding DJ in [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ for hire [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ packages
‌• Affordable wedding DJ [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ karaoke
‌• Hire wedding DJ [city name]
‌• DJ services [city name]
‌• Country music wedding DJ
‌• Rent a DJ
‌• Wedding DJ playlist
‌• Wedding DJs near [city name]
‌• Professional wedding DJ [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ Entertainment
‌• Wedding Event DJ [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ tips
‌• Wedding DJ checklist
‌• Mobile DJ [city name]
‌• Wedding music [city name]
‌• Wedding DJ questions
‌• Wedding games for DJ
‌• Wedding outline for DJ
‌• local DJs [city name]
‌• Gay friendly wedding DJ
‌• Wedding emcee [city name]
‌• Wedding MC[city name]
‌• Wedding DJ reviews [city name]
‌• Wedding Reception DJ
‌• Wedding DJ quotes
‌• Wedding DJ under 500

“OK, I see the keywords, but how am I supposed to rank my homepage for all of those DJ keywords?”

Great question! But first, let’s change your thought process.

Instead of trying to rank your homepage for all of these keywords, you should spend your time creating new content that covers these keyword topics in specific detail.

For example: If your DJ business caters to a specific region or city, try creating a new blog post titled “Wedding DJ Tips for Dallas Brides” or “Questions to Ask Your Dallas Wedding DJ“.

Both would allow those specific blog pages to begin ranking for their respective local keyword targets.

The goal is to have more than one page on your website ranking for keywords, instead of relying on only your homepage to bring in clients.

Makes sense right?

Having a blog is probably the most effective way to do this and could potentially kickstart the ranking process for any of the keywords above.

Below is a client traffic snapshot showing when they started writing blog content around the topics mentioned above and the effect it had on their organic traffic.

Traffic has basically doubled… and it didn’t cost them a dime.

If they can do it, you can to. It just takes time, effort and knowing which keywords to write about.


Wedding DJ case study

Want more keyword ideas? 

Try identifying what DJ keywords your local competitors are going after or take advantage of niche DJ forums to help you better understand your audience intent and the keywords they might be using to find similar services.

Check out: DJForums, DJChat or OurDJTalk.

Bonus Tip:

I wasn’t going to add this in, but it’s too good to not share.

Over the past few months, we’ve A/B tested different page titles for our DJ clients, and one strategy has been a real eye-opener that can make a huge difference in the amount of clicks your website receives.

By simply adding years of experience to a page title or meta description, we saw click-through-rates soar, which ultimately helped with improving keyword rankings for that website.

We assume planning couples who are researching wedding DJ services want to feel confident that the person they hire will know what they’re doing, has done is before and has the experience to back it up.

As you refresh your page titles for 2017, consider adding years of experience to your titles and see if you see the same results we did. You might be surprised!

*The websites below are not our clients. They are just examples of other websites using this same strategy.

Wedding DJ SEO Idea

Wedding DJ SEO tactic

Example Wedding DJ SEO

And as always, if you are a wedding business owner who wants to improve your website SEO but doesn’t know where to start, contact us for your free SEO evaluation report to see what you should be focusing on for better rankings.





  • DJ Solutions

    Reply Reply April 21, 2017

    Can confirm that we’ve seen an increase in our website traffic by targeting “wedding emcee” and “wedding MC”. Would suggest creating a brand new page though instead of trying to get your homepage to rank for it also.

    • Rudy

      Reply Reply April 28, 2017

      Good insight. Agreed that creating a new page is best. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Colin Liddell

    Reply Reply April 24, 2017

    Great tips!

  • Music Mavens

    Reply Reply May 6, 2017

    Well done demonstrating the point that there are way more keywords to try to rank for than just your local city DJ. Super helpful post.

  • Global Sound Systems

    Reply Reply May 7, 2017

    I just added “10 years experience” to our homepage title. We’ll see what happens

    • Neo NY

      Reply Reply May 31, 2017

      Thanks for the info. Makes plenty of sense, well explained.

      I will make adjustments

      Neo NY

  • Jeremy

    Reply Reply July 8, 2017

    Useful content. I’d like to know more. You should link to other articles for wedding DJs, if you have any. I’m going to add years of experience to one of my pages and see how it works. Thanks!

  • Dann

    Reply Reply July 11, 2017

    I agree with your goal. And one way on how to increase website ranking is to do more business listing. It will not only help you with the exposure but will also help you with the ranking.

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