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8 Smart SEO Tips For Wedding Planners

Hey all you wedding planners and event coordinators! Today I’m sharing twelve actionable tasks you can do yourself to help you improve the rankings of your website and gain more bridal traffic.

I shared these exact same tips with all of our SEO clients last month and received a ton of thanks, so I wanted to share it with all of our blog readers. Let’s get started!

Optimize Your Page Titles

One of the first things I do for our new wedding clients is check every single page on their website to identify any opportunities for improving existing page titles. Page titles are arguably the most important on-page SEO factor, so it’s definitely worth the effort to make sure each one is properly optimized.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep all page titles under 60 characters in length
  • Don’t reuse the same page title on more than one page
  • Include your city name within your homepage title
  • Don’t keyword stuff. Keep page titles natural and relevant.

I also like to manually check the wedding keywords that are driving traffic to each page to see if I can make any small tweaks to the title to help it rank better. For example, one of our clients had a page on their website that was consistently getting traffic for a specific keyword phrase, even though they were ranking down in position #9. After a quick analysis, we decided to change their title to that exact keyword phrase and within 30 days we started to see some significant ranking improvements.

Changing or editing your title tags is relatively easy to do and best of all, you can do it for free.

Target “Coordinator and “Event Planner” Keywords

This is something every single wedding planner should be doing. Make sure you are trying to rank for the less competitive keywords such as “wedding coordinator” or “event planner”. While most of your local competitors are focused on ranking for “city name + wedding planner” you can instead begin receiving qualified traffic to your website by targeting long-tail keywords such as:

  • City name + wedding coordinators
  • City name + event coordinators
  • Affordable wedding planners in city name
  • City name + professional wedding planners

Head over to KWfinder to see how difficult it would be to rank for those keywords in your city or region.

Add Social Media Buttons

If you want your website visitors to share your content on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest), you need to make that process for them as easy as possible.

Adding visible social media buttons to your website can open up a huge traffic and exposure opportunity for your business.

One of my favorite tools to use is AddThis.  It’s a free option that allows you to easily add buttons from all the major social networks by adding a small snippet of code to your website. They do have a paid version, but their free version will work just fine.

Create Simple Videos

Wedding planners are notorious for ignoring the ranking power of a simple video. Take advantage of this situation by creating videos that promote your business and your wedding planning expertise.

Instead of writing a blog post, create a short video on the exact same topic and use the video transcript as the text wording for that page. Videos allow you to showcase your personality in a way that a regular blog post simply can’t.

Here’s a great article with tips for using short videos to improve your social marketing.

Take Advantage of Internal Linking

The longer a local planning bride stays on your website, the greater the chances of them utilizing your services and becoming a client. To help them stick around, make sure you are linking to your other content within your website so they can navigate throughout with ease.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t just link to your homepage. Make sure to deep link to your blog content.
  • Utilize keyword rich anchor text
  • Use a reasonable number of internal links, but don’t go overboard.

Internal linking is also an effective way to help increase the total number of pageviews your website receives.

Automate Your Social Media

Take advantage of free tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that allow you to auto-schedule tweets and facebook activity so you can save time and make your social media participation more manageable and less time-consuming.

For instance, with Hootsuite, you can easily load up a few weeks’ worth of tweets for your account and set them to automatically be delivered over random daily intervals. This means your twitter account will always be updated with something new and fresh. This looks great to potential clients.

Improve Your Backlinks

Backlinks remain an extremely important factor when it comes to ranking well in Google. Without backlinks, your website will have an extremely difficult time trying to rank for most competitive wedding keywords.

But, while it’s necessary to have backlinks, it’s way more important to have the right kind of backlinks.

Most of the links coming to your website should be from wedding or bridal related resources. This is a signal used by Google to understand what your website is about and how influential it is. If all of your links are coming from non-relevant websites, it’s not optimal for SEO.

Check out Ahrefs (free) to see where your backlinks are coming from and how many you have.

One effective way to get more backlinks is to reach out to venues that you are a preferred wedding vendor for and request them add your website link to their website.  I’ve seen clients gain a dozen backlinks in less than a week by implementing this strategy.

If you have a newer wedding website and want to establish a strong SEO foundation from the very beginning, check out our Launch Plan for gaining relevant, authoritative links.

Blog more

The more often you blog, the more you increase the chances of your website being found by potential clients. If there is one strategy that you should implementing on a regular basis, it should be blogging on a regular frequency.

Check out what your local competitors are blogging about or the topics that wedding planning associations are talking about during their conferences to get ideas for inspiration. Need blog post ideas? This article will be super helpful.

These are just a handful of the tips I regularly give our wedding planner clients. Stay tuned for another round coming soon!





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